Pearls as One was created to increase the global market demand for pearls and pearl jewelry through education. The goal is to benefit pearl farmers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, processors, and the thousands of lives and communities the industry supports.

The course is broken into 10 modules separated into more than 20 subsections exploring all cultured pearl varieties, detailing their history, value factors, current production methods, and many of the people and organizations involved.

A sample of course contents include:

An Introduction to Cultured Pearls

Akoya Pearls from Japan

Freshwater Pearl Farms in China

New Bead-nucleated Freshwater Pearls

Pearl Farms in French Polynesia

Fijian Black Pearls

Australian Pearls

The Pearls as One Education Platform would not have been possible without the support and assistance from the top pearl producers and pearl organizations in the world including: The Japan Pearl Exporters Association, Paspaley Pearls, Jewelmer, Atlas Pearls and Perfumes, J Hunter Pearls, the Hong Kong Pearl Association and the government of French Polynesia