We created Pearls As One to:

• Have a positive impact on the global cultured pearl industry.
• Tell the story of the cultured pearl.
• Educate consumers about pearl varieties.
• Educate and excite people about cultured pearls.
• Educate and excite retailers and others who share the beauty of pearls with consumers.
• Give consumers a peek behind the curtain to show the romance, challenges and lives involved in bringing cultured pearls to market.

The goal of Pearls As One is to increase awareness and appreciation of every cultured pearl variety. We want Pearls As One to increase the global market for pearls and pearl jewelry. That will benefit consumers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, processors, pearl farmers and the thousands of lives the industry supports.

The mission of Pearls As One is to unify the segments of the industry as a single voice and to increase everyone's share of the global pearl market.